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True to the original spirit of American Tribal Style , her improvised Tribal Fusion routines combine skills gleaned from her studies with the creators of the genre in the USA with a twist: Her own signature style. Elegant and classic, strong in carriage, always shifting, breathing, alive and fluid like that of liquid mercury.

Seeking inspiration from many fields; the tainted side of beautiful, the macabre, the twisted carnival side show, antique photographs from the Victorian era , The World’s Fairs of the 1800s, Pre – Raphaelite paintings, Jazz Age beauties and modern comic book characters … Being inspired to move and create by everything from an ethereal sea creature shifting through dark waters to the ivories of an old grand piano. Influences include the works of Alphonse Mucha, Kay Nielson, Giger, Alan Lee, The Brothers Grimm, Terry Gilliam, Marina Bychkova, Ruth St Denis, Carolena Nericcio, The Indigo Belly Dance Company, Loie Fuller and many many more.

Fusing Victorian costume aesthetics with olde world dance movement strangeness as well as a respectful modern take on Middle Eastern folkloric dances and professional versatility: her performance background is that of largely self taught, having only started her Tribal Fusion Belly Dance journey in 2005 with no dance dance training what so ever. Her ballet instructor saw to that by telling her she would never be a dancer (at aged eight).

A free-spirited nomad by temperament – with Eco-activist tendencies – she traveled through Europe for several years in vintage caravans and converted buses with her husband Oscar and faithful hound Spindle. Along the way she became an expert Fire Dancer, performing at many festivals. This developed into an interest in Martial Arts weaponry (Kung Fu) This in turn led to belly dancing, where in 2003 she was awe inspired by American Tribal Style, in seeing a Fat Chance Belly Dance video and later a live performance in the UK. In 2005 after personal encouragement from Rachel Brice Samantha gave up her job laboring on a construction site and moved to North America for 3 years to train with master instructors in the field of Belly Dance. In Feb 2007 Samantha became the only British member of Hollywood dance troupe The Bellydance Superstars and continues to tour the world both solo and with the company performing and instructing intensive workshops. Samantha is a committed teacher as well as performer. Her accessible teaching style reflects the fact that she still considers herself to be a beginner student, always hungry for more training and new ideas, always refining basic techniques and fusing new inspirations from mentors both in and out of the belly dance scene.

Not only does she possess a natural agility, coordination, grace, and a sense of rhythm. with a deep feeling for music and a creative ability to express herself through movement but her skills as a self taught costumier (learned on tours through trial and error)ensure a range of detailed and unique costumes. Samantha is influenced by the genius works of Mardi Love, pioneer of many of the most popular elements in Tribal Fusion costuming. As an obsessive collector Samantha is always on the game, hunting down second hand vintage antique glass beads and textiles. In using Tribal costume remnants and old leather work, all with a story, given a second life, she creates a magical , elaborate wardrobe for the stages she shares with friends and mentors all over the world.
Samantha is happily based in Devon with Oscar and Spindle.

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20th and 21st November 2010

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Venue: Nia Studios, no 10 Anson Road, observatory, Cape Town

Elementals: An Introduction
Saturday 20th November 2.00pm – 4:30pm, R420

Creative finger cymbal compositions
Saturday 20th November 5pm – 7:30pm, R420

Combinations for improvisation
Sunday 21st November 12.00pm – 2:30pm, R420

Choreography 1
Sunday 21st November 3:30pm – 6:00pm, R420


Featuring Samantha Emanuel from UK and other top SA TRibal Fusion performers and other special guests

Venue: Labia Theatre, Orange Street Cape Town
Date: Wednesday 24th November
Time: 8.30pm
Tickets: R110

Samantha Emanuel, SOMA Fusion Bellydancers, James van Minnen and Ingrid Salzman, Justine Whyte, Julia of Alive Dance Studio, Beverley from London

Book through info@soma.co.za
Also available from:
Geka Jewellery: Shop 3 Rheede Street Mall, Gardens
Labia Theatre: Orange Street, Gardens

27th and 28th November 2010

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DANCE ZONE, 2nd Floor (Above Woolworths)
Bryan Park Shopping Centre
Cnr. Grosvenor and Cumberland

Nourish your Roots                          
Saturday 27th November 10am – 12:30pm, R420

Elementals: An Introduction                           
Saturday 27th November 1:30pm – 4:00pm, R420

Know your roots                                    
Sunday 28th November 10am – 12:30pm, R420

Choreography 2                                    
Sunday 28th November 1:30pm – 4:00pm, R420


Friday 26th November 2010

100 Christiaan de Wet Road, Floride Park, Roodepoort
7.30pm for 8

Samantha Emanuel, SOMA Fusion Bellydancers, Fuse Dance, Dancing Divinity, Alibelly, Bellydance Goddess, In Harems Way, Gypsy Rhythms, Dancers of the Sheikh

Contact natalie@dancingdivinity.com to book

Workshop Descriptions

Creative finger cymbal compositions
For dancers wishing to enhance their finger cymbal skills.
We will use tribal style movement to help us dance with more  
confidence as we become proficient in playing various patterns .
The short compostions will be drilled and students encouraged to  
create their own movement interpretations utilsing the cymbal  
Participants will benefit most if preceded by Lauren Boldt's License  
To Zill Level 1 Workshop
Combinations for improvisation
"Jumping is to soaring as improvisation is to choreography" Lynne Anne Blom
Play with Tribal Style movements through practicing short combinations with varying tempos.
Slow and strong, fast and fluid. Including cues to signal the combination thus enabling the dancer to add it to an improvised group performance piece. Bring a yoga mat and drinking water.
Nourish your Roots
To have a healthy plant you need to encourage its growth at its roots. 
A drills class with focus on the upper body carriage so styalstic of Tribal Style Belly Dance. 
Hone clean articulation throughout the body whilst striving to project the strength and open frame characteristic of well excecuted Tribal Belly Dance. 
Elementals: An Introduction
The art of layering simple movements over one another:  a skill elemental to the Tribal Fusion art form.  Definitely a drills focused class, we will slowly work our way up to layering basic clean controlled movements over one another whilst stationary and traveling. Strengthening techniques for key isolations and drills for honing muscle memory are included. 
Bring a Yoga Mat and Water.
Choreography 1 
Intermediate/advanced. Previous experience advised.
Samantha fuses her short distinctive combos in an original choreography. Strengthening techniques and drills for these combos will be included, utilizing concepts and inspirations from her Tribal Style training in the USA and past Martial Arts experience in the UK to better support the core and enable isolations of key muscle groups for Tribal Fusion choreography.  Including breakdown of her signature articulated locking technique plus spins turns and twists aplenty.
Bring a Yoga Mat and water 
Choreography 2
Samantha fuses her short distinctive combos for this new choreography. Strengthening techniques and drills will be included, utilizing new and old concepts to better support the core and enable isolations of key muscle groups for Tribal Fusion choreography.  This piece flows at a slower tempo enabling participants to really focus on internalizing the movements. Some floor work included. Hone liquefied arms, strong posture and clean technique.
Bring a Yoga Mat and water. If you suffer knee problems please bring knee pads/braces for the floor work.
Know your Roots
Focus on cues and transitions for lead and follow improvisation key to American Tribal Style. This workshop is geared towards beginners in Tribal Style.
Samantha instructs general skills for ATS learned during her certification with mentor Carolena Nerricio. Execute clear transitions and experiment with group formations. Use this simple framework to enjoy the playful creativity unique to ATS improvisation.