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Since 1996, Hilde has been passionately involved in dance. Originally from Belgium, Hilde moved to Brighton (UK) in 2004 to pursue her career as a dancer. Being a fusion dancer at heart, she finds inspiration in different dance styles, such as street dance, contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, flamenco, tribal fusion and Egyptian dance techniques. She is director of the Masmoudi dance company and has hosted many sold out shows in Brighton.
Hilde's unique teaching style has a very analytical approach. Using her background in mathematics and her research in choreology (movement analysis, based on Rudolph Laban's work) which she translates directly to her dance practise, she helps students to better understand how to embody different qualities of movement. In each workshop she teaches, she also promotes safe dance practise working towards longevity and injury prevention. In her classes there is a strong emphasis on cross training, using technique of other dance styles to support her own format.

For more info visit www.hildebellydance.co.uk
30th June 2012
UK Tribal Fusion

Venue: Curvespace Studios, 25 Church Street, Woodstock, Cape Town
Each workshop is 2 hrs @ R240

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Saturday 30th June 2012
12pm - 2pm
Bellydance Geometry
Hilde’s background in Mathematics plays a major part in her approach towards teaching dance. Curves, lines and shapes are constantly around us and visualising these shapes will work towards aesthetically more interesting body designs (poses) and movement patterns in space.
Level: all

3pm - 5pm
Moving Outside the Box
In this workshop focus will be on traveling techniques used in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance that are adapted to a belly dance format in order to create more dynamics on stage. We will also focus on some more unconventional isolation combo's to wow your audience and take them by surprise. We will be working towards an end sequence to explore the different techniques discussed in the workshop.

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Donna Mejia Performance Showcase
Friday 6th July 2012
Jamrock Theatre, Shop 57, Brackenfell Shopping Centre, Old Paarl Road , Brackenfell
R110 per ticket -CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Show starts 8pm
featuring Donna Mejia (USA), Hilde Canoodt (UK) and top SA performers in Tribal Fusion Bellydance and other disciplines.